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You Deserve an Engagement Party

Your inner voice tells you having an engagement party is not necessary, along with a few other people in your life. You almost start to believe them, well we are here to tell you to snap out of it. Of course you don't need an engagement party. You also don't need a dog, or a guest bedroom, or that new purse, but they make you happy. You only get to have this once (hopefully) so you should celebrate your love. Get all your friends together and have a small and intimate engagement party in Denver celebrating on of the biggest moments in your life.

NIRVANA is the perfect venue for your special occasion, with a full kitchen and bartop you can have a sitdown dinner for 30 or drinks and appetizers while mingling. We want to create the perfect evening, that represents you as a couple and celebrates your love. So next time someone makes you feel like an engagement party isn't necessary, remember that theyre right, but your throwing yourselves a fabulous party anyway!

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