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Big Weddings are Out

Long gone are the elaborate weddings with a 24 person bridal party, your life savings, and enough stress to give you your first grey hair. At least according to us that is, the huge weddings that take a year to plan are a thing of the past, and micro weddings are the future. Don't get us wrong, we love to see big gorgeous weddings, who doesn't? But ... do we want to plan them. Full stop, hard no. We love love and everything about going smaller these days. Having a small, intimate, meaningful wedding allows to you to be in the moment with those closest to you. An ambient atmosphere, great music, and the love of your life is really all you need.

Here at NIRVANA we want to take your vision for a small Denver wedding and make it perfect. Whether you are imagining a minimal ceremony and cocktail hour to follow or flowers everywhere while dancing to your favorite songs we can make it happen in our gorgeous and intimate gallery. With so many different setups to choose from, all eaqually as gorgeous but none complicated enough to take away from your joy leading up to your big day. A long table for 30 with a formal dinner, youve got it. A few cocktail hightops with a live band? Sure why not. What about a lounge area and dance floor? The possibilties in our space are endless.

We beleive getting married shouldnt be overhwelming and stressful. It should be fun and simple. You know who your closest friends and family are, invite them, pick out some flowers, and some music and you have yourself a wedding. Often times we get so caught up in all the details we become frozen. We want to encourage couple to do what feels right and create their perfect day from beginning to end. A small beaitiful bespoke wedding catered to your exact taste is the goal. Let us help make your dreams come true!

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